All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


I assume that should read Brendan and not Ronan Maher in that team of the week?


Isn’t that team picked from social media votes? I wouldn’t be worrying about it.


How the fuck is Anthony nash in goals?


for his save a few weeks ago against Tipp. One of the great hurling moments.


Probably because he’s a goalie and they need someone there.


I don’t think he made a single save and was awful from puck outs.


He shouted boo at Pat Simon.


Have you seen the alternatives


Galway Limerick 1980 on eirsport now. Repeat of the 2018 final.


With the same result?


Tommy Quaid having a Karius here


Didn’t Bernie Forde need stitches before the match after he got a belt off one of his own on the run out to the pitch?


He was cut by the first minute anyway


2-1 to no score here to Galway. 10 minutes in. Limerick have a gale force wind.


I think ( could be wrong g) Sean Silke clipped him on the way out


1-2 from Cregan in 2 minutes.


Cregan scored 2-7 that day. Big Joe 1-1 and Ollie O’Connor 0-1


Ollie didn’t score unfortunately. The Bomber Carroll got the other point.


You’ve a great recollection, were Kilkenny playing in the minor that day?


My bad sorry. That was my first All Ireland. I was full sure it was Ollie.