All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Well tats a given for tip Clare and Waterford


English language question:

What happens to the teams who finish 4th and 5th in the new Leinster and Munster round robin groups?

Are they eliminated from the championship?

Any report I have read on this so far has been very unclear.


I feel sorry for @Mac and Wexfordf


Their championship is over as far as I am aware


Yes, that’s what I would assume too and I think you are right.

But the GAA’s press release makes it appear like they would still have a route to the quarter finals.

It’s terribly badly worded.


There aren’t really any emerging counties in hurling, for whatever reason.
It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


4 and 5 thi are out


An utter wank


The new system is going to open up the month of April for club fixtures apparently according to some lad on the news. That’s great stuff, they can play a few games in April and then play the next round in September. That means clubs will have to start training in January for a competition where you’ll play most of your games in September. Cunts


I’m against it as I think munster and leinster groups are unbalanced, munster is stronger than leinster, easier make top 3 in leinster. I know we’ve always had a munster and leinster championship but if you lost the qualifiers were pretty much an open draw and you could get a team from another province


Completely unbalanced


Waterford top 4




Ah the round robin is going to be great for the game. As a football man, it sickens me to see how ye have your house in order but have to say fair play. Credit where it’s due


It does say this. Rightly or wrongly


That’s the way it is now but won’t the All-Ireland hurling final be moved earlier into August?


What do ye make life it


I’d prefer if they completely scrapped the provincial system Joe.

Play every team in the top tier off against each other over the summer. Top 4 play the semis.

You could even have a provincial final between the top two teams from each province in that scenario and still have less bullshit from Galway about playing competitive games.


Based on 2017 the two groups next year will be utterly lopsided. Applying the most favourable possible rankings to the Leinster counties the provinces break down as follows.



The league and provincial championships are a bit too similar now IMHO. The league works well but in essence it is the same competition played a couple of months apart.

Also think the 3rd, 4th and 5th teams and the top two from the other group should go into an open draw for the all Ireland championship with the 4 winners joining the provincial finalists in the quarter finals. It at least would allow a side to build if they lost their first two round robin games by tight margins and be all but out. For argument sake, Wexford lose to Dublin and Kilkenny by tight margins in their first two games they will be all but out of the championship in early June. Will they just down tools? At least if they were guaranteed a championship knockout game they could regroup and rebuild/blood a lad or two in the last two games and have a bit of momentum and easily make an A/I semi final.

Will be a structure which suits the strongest teams as less likely to be caught on the hop more than once in the year


Harsh putting Waterford at 6 there.