All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


I don’t like this it ruins the championship


I’m no great fan of hurling but I’m baffled by the negativity on here surrounding the changes


Ah, I see they have incorporated a playoff between a Munster Tier 2 winner and the bottom Tier 1 Munster team. Not there for Leinster.

Mightn’t be to everyone’s tastes but I’m excited by it. Four guaranteed high profile games next year, two at home. Think it will be a much more structured championship to fit “club windows” into as well.


Harder not to make the quarter finals at this stage


Dunno about that, it’ll just make the league even more irrelevant,
It’s a positive step I think, the Munster championship was great but it lost its cachet a long time ago


It’s a load of pointless games followed by the actual championship


Nail on the head


Think the groups are small enough that there are no pointless games.

Everyone has been raving about the league since it was revamped to 6 teams in 1A. You’re on the back foot straight away if you lose a game.


If you lose the “pointless” games you won’t be in the “actual championship”


We already have a league now we have two @caulifloweredneanderthal


The provincial championships were dead. Something needed to be done


It would be nice if the GAA could get somebody to write their press releases in English.


Bad for the likes of Wexford


galway into leinster in the 21s I hear. a good thing but how do the AI SFs work @Joe_Player?


Munster winners v Leinster final losers and vise versa


Not a clue :thinking:


That makes sense


Yes so if Kerry win tier 2 they will playoff against Munster round robin bottom whereas a Leinster tier 2 goes up automatically… Illogical and harsh on kerry, they should have bit the bullet and let kerry go into ‘rest of Ireland’ round robin.
Think it will work well, especially Munster will be competitive, could go down to the wire on the last day, great for followers and, despite the initial reactions, should actually help county boards schedule club games


I think it’s a tad unfair on the tier 2 teams but it prevents too many of those completely mismatched qualifier games.

It won’t change the balance of power. You’d expect 5 of this year’s last six being the same next year. One Munster team (probably Clare) to drop for a Leinster team (hello Kilkenny)


Now we all get a chance to beat 1B fodder like Limerick