All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


We don’t beat around bush in South Galway


Saturday in Thurles at 3pm seems to be what is doing the rounds in Clare


Is that the lad that played beside Canning for the U21s?


Who’s Ronnie?


Provincial finalists were supposed to get home advantage for these games. Otherwise would make coming 3rd in the round robin an attractive goal.


This Kilkenny team are exceeding most people’s expectations


We’d need to win next week for that to be true.
Quarters are a meh year. Semis are over-achieving.


Don’t let those cunts get you down, buddy.


No they weren’t.


I’m happy to have pushed Galway like they have. This Galway team are 2-3 years ahead of KK in terms of S&C, development and experience. By rights they should walk the all-Ireland this year, especially with Tipp gone


We have to play with 15 though.


Henry reckons Kilkenny have loads of experience.


Think that was just a bad year all round and nothing went right. Straight back up this year after winning the intermediate.


I thought he would be avoiding the sun.
Grand for you


@Fran, you’re a daycent sort. :+1:


No Hawkeye in Cork so I’d say both quarter finals may be played in Thurles as a result.

All the Hawkeye referrals yesterday might have just done for Frank and his patch.


Don’t they have some sort of budget hawkeye?



They are called “umpires”.


Lovely - Cork it is :clap:


Yes. It’s called BudgieEye