All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


If Monday wasnt a bank holiday it is now


For fuck sake


1pm Sunday in Cork is not the worst Mike. Leave at 9.


A little thing invented by John Logie Baird .


Clear run of the day and have the dinner @ Half 8


Presume it’s because of wc final


@Bandage is mugging you off here …


Lads, please don’t go repeating those fixtures* I posted to anyone before 1.30pm. The official announcement is embargoed until then. Picklington, Shefflington et al didn’t want a clash with Engerland in the World Cup Final at 4pm.

*completely made up fixtures. Nice touch to add in a little bit of gaeilge to make it look authentic, wasn’t it? I hope I gave some of you cunts a conniption.


Thats the best performance from a Wexford lad since 96


You fucking grass.


You were typing away for 15 mins … double and triple checking your Irish spelling.


Sure the phone kept autocorrecting it back to random English words.


1171 more like!


@ciarancareyshurlingarmy is after firing out a text with your times to the whatsapp group… He is gonna look like some mong when he has to go back and tell them he was mugged off by a few words of Irish.


All in Pairc De Franc


Wexford v Clare game will not be televised - showing football instead.



Would it not have meant more if it was mounted on a Bridgestone


They wanted a Dunlop but they heard they’re very unreliable.


That must have been commissioned last week to be ready. If he didn’t jump I’d say the big heave -ho was on the cards. Been beaten by Carlow cannot sit well with Westmeath hurling folk.