All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Why did you leave the group?


Jaysus the Carkies are using all sorts to try and get Galway lads suspended


I could say something very distasteful but I won’t.


Clare v Wexford, Saturday at 3pm in Cork.

Limerick v Kk, Sunday at 2pm in Thurles.

Both live on RTE.


This has been an entertaining few hours but good to have the venues finally confirmed.

Pity it isn’t the other way round.


Wexford by 3
Limerick by 8


I’d say they’ll hardly get 15k for the match in Cork on a Saturday afternoon.


There will be a good Wexford crowd. Clare won’t travel.


My lasses birthday party is at five. Will @bandage and @Big_Mick_McCarthy tell them to get a move on.


Commentator’s eye.


I’m sure it’s been dealt with already but I couldn’t be arsed reading back. If either or both of Kilkenny and Clare win, repeat provincial finals are avoided at semi final stage. What happens if both Wexford and Limerick win? Is there any proviso to avoid repeat provincial meetings from the round robin stage?


Clarehurlers has gone into meltdown. They’ll be lucky to even get 15 players who could be arsed going to this.


Open draw.



Provincial Champions play a quarter-final winner, draw to be made to determine pairings subject to the respective provincial champions not meeting the defeated finalists from their own province at this stage and, where feasible, the avoidance of repeat pairings.


So from a Limerick POV, we play Cork if Clare win & play Galway if Wexford win.


we play Cork if Clare - Correct
play Galway if Wexford - Open Draw


we play cork full stop if we win


It’ll be Galway v Limerick & Cork v Wexford


it won’t. it’ll be cork v limerick and galway v wexford