All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Shrapnel would account for a lot of it. I’d put that in the jar at home.

I’ve probably overestimated the money for pints. Say 50 quid. and we’ll round down to 150 for a great day out at the hurling.


The curse of the round system


I’ll cut you, you cunt


I take it back mate


I’ll cut you, you cunt


Doable . 6 before , 1 at half time , 3 in thurles apres match , 3 in some dump on the way home . 6 or 7 in reens .


When Galway weren’t winning anything their poor support was usually attributed to inter-club rivalry. All about the club game in Galway - 50,000 in Athenry in November to watch Loughrea v Portumna.

I’m guilty of complaining about match venues but I never get GGA people whining about travel times. It’s a tiny country ffs sake.

I made the mistake of reading the Wexford forum on Hogan Stand and there’s lads fuming about having to travel to Cork, as it’s such a journey and seething about why it’s not on in Thurles. People not going to the game because of it. The difference in travel time is around 20-30 minutes. It’s not Paris-Dakar like.

That said, I can’t be arsed going to the match on Saturday myself. I’m looking forward to the Walsh Cup now.



50,000 in Athenry seen lads maiming each other and knew there was no chance of them pulling in the same direction for the county team.


Hopefully we can defend our title and give some of our talented under 21 players a run.


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. It’s not Paris-Dakar like.


While agreeing with your post in general a drive through the parched farmlands of limerick , Tipperary and south Laois the weekend I would beg to differ with you on this bit .


Is Johnny Maher still hurling ??


He just released a new album so I doubt it.


Davy’s not doing interviews this week. It’ll be a very difficult build up for him and I’m sure he’ll have mixed emotions.


Not really. He’s crippled with injuries having been subjected to unfair treatment over the years. Think they had him in goals for one of the matches last year.


A great man…the last thing he’ll want to do is make it about him.


in 2010 i attended an “extremely attractive double header” in the vast surrounds of croke park,
The appetite was “whet” cc @Sidney as Cork played Antrim in the opening salvo before tipp beat galway in the second game
it was a horrible, muggy day with heavy grey skies, in true “double header” fashion we spent the entire first half of the first game getting up and down in our seat to allow patrons enter and leave- we got so sick of it i think we didnt come back in until there was at least 10 minutes gone in the second game and just stayed outside drinking .
it was an utterly forgettable day and and an enormous waste of money and time


You seem to remember it in great detail all the same

  1. Rory O’Connor and Conor Firman both rested rather than injured for Westmeath and available this weekend.

  2. Paul Morris doubtful with a knee injury.

  3. Liam Óg McGovern no adverse reaction to latest substitute appearance.

Source: The Wexford People


I heard the 2 boys didn’t take the under 21 loss too well and drowned their sorrows and it didn’t go down too well with Davy. I suppose you could call it being rested.
Heard Morris was going for a scan today.