All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


You have a choice to enjoy the weather in places like Kinvara, Clifden, Salthill, Spiddal, Oughterard and Balinasloe and watch the match in a local hostelry or go to dumps like Drumcondra or Thurles. I’m amazed so many travel at all.


Galway fans outnumbered Kilkenny on both days, that 20k and 12-13k approx over both games. We also had twice the distance to go in both cases.


Well you missed the point here entirely. Galways hurling support (ie the countys second team) far outstrips the football support of cork, wexford and limerick. 15k at least on sunday was from galway, 20k at least in croker the week before. There was a good 10-15k galway fans in castlebar and roscommon. Show me a county that has a comparable level across two codes.


I remember attending the Clare-Galway AI QF in 2013 and the Galway crowd in attendance was shockingly low. I do understand that Galway has traditionally been a football county,when Limerick were going well in the football in the mid 2000s we were packing out the Gaelic grounds and bringing 10-15k down to Cork and Killarney for Munster finals now we can barely scrape a few hundred so obviously the point of no one wants to follow a losing team is spot on.


you couldn’t be following two teams all summer. Logistically it would be a nightmare.

trying to get away every weekend would have you divorced. I’ve to put in serious planning, replays in the hurling would fuck you up


You’d want to be fucking daft to pick a fight with @maroonandwhite in peak hurling season.


Of course people follow winning teams. I remember clare playing waterford a few years ago in thurles, two counties who love blowing on about their support base, and there was just over 8k at it.

Every county has bandwagoners but the hassle caused in travelling, repeatedly, can affect numbers. In my opinion the best supporters are cork and limerick hurling fans, mayo and roscommon football.


Name me another county in the country who are currently flying in both codes?


None, only us :muscle:

But that doesn’t disprove my point


Not getting thick btw I give massive credit to Galway for what they are doing up there in hurling and football at the minute.


never ever give them cunts an inch.

They should have been left above in Connaught bateing the shit of each other


Plus the cost of fucking diesel, but its only a few weeks and id rather be in there than not


sure a match these days costs a fortune, match ticket, transport, ateing, imbibing. probably 200 quid a go


A fair bit of cajoling and carrot-dangling required. Throw in a few kids and it must be a financial nightmare.


For one person??


25 quid ticket, 30 quid transport, 20 quid food, 80-100 quid pints, plus incidentals. Probably less to be fair, I treat them as a rare day out kid


20 fucking pints :astonished:


To Dublin ya would cost me say 60 for train,35-40 ticket,20 for grub and 50 for drink.Il drive Sunday to Thurles 25 quid ticket,40 for petrol(3 lads will chip in tenner each) 15 for food and tenner for 2 pints.


I wouldn’t drink 20 pints in a day out. Nowhere near it. I’d always drop 100 in a pub on a day out.

I don’t know where the fucking money goes.


You do realise, outside of Dublin anyways, that bartenders are obliged to give you change?