All Ireland Hurling Championship 2019 part 2

KKs to lose from here.


Limericks all Ireland last year with a huge question mark now. Barely got over 2 pathetic cork and Galway teams as shown by their results this year. A very poor era for hurling.

Last year was last year bud…

Des Cahill doing a live broadcast on RTE 1

Well I never

Kilkenny have faced Munster opposition in 13 semi finals under Cody and won all 13. Only Galway can seem to beat Kilkenny in a semi final.

I think neutrals would love to see Kilkenny get back to a final this year

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Do you still think he’s finished?

Well done kk. Looking like a traditional final once again and KK invariably have tipps number.

yep with his usual use of the word “presently”

@gilgamboa was right


Won’t be happing this year pal

Tipp beat them by 9 points last time

Record hasn’t been good over last 3 years. Kilkenny have lost 8 Championship matches since the 2016 semi final replay win over Waterford. Prior to that, they lost 9 Championship matches in near 18 seasons from 1999 up to the 2016 All Ireland Final.

A reprieve for a while after today. Handy for an under pressure manager to come up against a shambles of a Cork side to get a badly needed win.

That’s what happens when the players aren’t as good as before. He’s doing a great job with what he has after a bad season in 2017

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There’s always plenty of hurlers in Kilkenny/

I’m sure Cody is worried about your stats Tonite. We don’t give a bollox about any match that ever took place only the next one