All Ireland Hurling Championship 2022

Might as well get it started.

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Galway Galway Galway

Power rankings, Jan 2022

  1. Limerick
  2. Galway
  3. Cork
  4. Tipp
  5. Waterford
  6. Clare
  7. KK
  8. Dublin
  9. Wexford
  10. Laois
  11. Antrim
  12. Westmeath
  13. Offaly

Shefflin is joining Galway as a manager not a player.


He brings the X-factor no matter what.

Sad to see KK down where we are but that’s the long and the short of it.

I reckon this round robin nonsense will catch a few teams out.

If Tipp beat Waterford in Round 1 (I know, its unlikely), then Waterford will have to go to the TUS Gaelic Grounds 6 days later and get a result or face being out of the Championship on April 23rd.

Could they not still beat Cork and Clare and advance on 4 points?

It is indeed. A timely warning to Limerick on where we could end up if we take our eye off the ball like Kilkenny did.

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I’m too lazy to work out the mathematics but I’d say if you lose your first two games, you wont go through.

Limerick won Munster in 2019 after losing 2 of their 4 round robin games. It’s very doable. You’d expect to finish 3rd anyway and progress to the preliminary quarter-final with a couple of wins. I’d fancy Waterford to beat Clare and Cork.

Limerick and Kilkenny trying to cover themselves in long grass.
Deary me.

You’d be depending on score difference though.

Limerick were lucky that year they came up against hapless Waterford & Clare outfits.

Its some pile of nonsense anyway. Limerick could end up resting players in Round 4 if they are already through and give a handy 2 points to someone else.

Limerick will bate the piss out of everyone this year

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and a hapless Tipp outfit in the Munster final.

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Limerick have Tipp in round 4. Do you think we will go handy on ye?

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The round robin is the business… More games, more county grounds, more permutations… The greatest championship ever, with a poorish final admittedly, was 2018.


Both semi finals were very exciting and being on the same weekend the buzz around Dublin was brilliant

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Many have dubbed it as the summer of love and it’s very hard to disagree

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The Tipp hurler picked out in the Examiner isn’t available this year

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I really dislike the semi finals being on one weekend, consecutive weekends is better, allows for greater focus on each match.