All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


And as square as one


Did James Owens take a sabbatical over some issue or other lately? @Gman @Bandage


@BANDAG3_FAT_BASTARD who’s this lad?


He’s a cousin of @FLANO_LICKS_MANHOLES




A tipp allias


I didn’t hear of anything anyway


I get a smell of Tipp in 2009 off this LK team, think they’ll need to lose ( another ) one to win one.
If they win, they’ll have deserved it, this is a good Galway team. An experienced panel.


Ah I was just trying to draw one of them out with that, the dry fucking cunts. They go mental all year, and then get to the final and turn into boring Kilkenny bastards.


How does the hawkeye in thurles work? It takes an age to load but we are led to believe that the ref is told about a wrong decision in his ear straight away. Doesn’t make sense


I think they only go to Hawkeye in Thurles when an umpire hasn’t a clue.


Aren’t we lucky to have the facility, how many fucking times has it been used this years because of bad sighted, Muldoon umpires.


Every time the ball is within a yard of a post?


Or 2 feet wide of it.


It’s been very harsh on Galway this year, needs to be reviewed.


Is it independently reviewed? Whatever about three of Galway shots against Clare deemed to be going through the post when lads on the hill said that was impossible, tipp in 2014 might have been the first and biggest victims of it with bubbles late free


Naw, Bubbles free was wide.


Bruff GAA better have collected their tickets by now or they are fucked.


Surely too late at that stage for him to cause trouble?