All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


As much as I’d love Limerick to win this, I think Galway have the edge here. Gillane has been blocwing hot and cold all year. He wont like the physical attention he gets from Galway. A bit of nudging from Cork and he wound on one of their lads. Any time he gets caught in possession he drops the hurl to try get away. He’s been noticed at that and I expect a ref will call him out for it and give a free for intentionally dropping the hurl.

Mulcahy hurls in bursts which wont be enough. Really needs to be consistent over the whole game.

Flanagan is under pressure after the performance form the Dow. Big game expected and the pressure of knowing your place is under threat wont help him.

Dan Morrisey was poor the last day after a decent year, and English behind him looks under pressure when a player gets a run on him. The way Galway play with the full forward line playing more out the field and making runs in after the ball is hit in wont suit him.

I expect Limerick to be chasing the game from the off. Galway start well and Limerick finish with their best 15 at the end of the game rather than the start. So its just a case of will they let too much get away from them.


All the Limerick lads in the Private Message group are in a heap wondering how they’re going to silence @hbv. Absolute pandemonium in there I’d say.


i got 3 tickets from my club, iv lived away for 25 years but always paid membership and sold lotto and occasionally did bits and pieces. 2 lower cusack and 1 hill16(fuck knows what ill do with that)
Iv 2 premium to come that i generally get access to when i need them, corner of cusack and canal end.
bought 10 off the county board at face value in return for giving 2 and a half k towards training fund and a table at a talking shop with a bit of grub that is being kept very hush hush :grin:
Ill collect them at the weekend and im told they include 3 together in the lower hogan whcih is where ill sit myself, 2 sets of 2 for the lr cusack, 2 upper cusack and a few singles in premium.
ill be giving tickets to customers of mine, 5 limerick, 2 galway and 1 dublin.


You can’t be fairer than that .


Fair play, man of the people. A hurling man



Its great to see proper hurling people getting looked after. Enjoy the day.


Farewell to the Irish Clattenburg


RIP James.


JP paid him for this stunt to keep the attention off the Limerick Squad. Kiely has them up in the gorilla enclosure in Dublin Zoo today to get them used to the physicality of the Galway lads.




To be fair he never liked the limelight this is very uncharacteristic of him.


I always thought he was a decent ref until the last day. Now I’m conflicted. I suspect he will rue his decision and choice of words in days to come.
Personally, if I were chosen to ref the aif, I’d be shite ing the course. I’m absolutely certain I wouldn’t be looking forward to it.


I haven’t checked in here for 12 months or so but that made me laugh.


you would be the worst kind of ref, trying to balance it up to keep everyone happy.


@flattythehurdler would be afraid to blow the whistle. You’d let it flow. @iron_mike would be smoking fags and when he wouldn’t be,the whistle would be blowing he’d be breathing so heavy


And everyone would get a medal at the end of @flattythehurdler 's game.


Except you. I’d send you off you bollox.


Would you let an opposition player chip a few corners off his head first?


@flattythehurdler would be a great man to ref a juvenile blitz. He’s not ready for senior hurling


Let them try. I am so Strength & Conditioned from PEDs you would not believe it. I’m as big as a big house.