All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


Or a spear tackle


He is shameless


Limerick have pulled out all the stops now lads. They had training at the weekend and got the lads to run out onto the pitch in the Gaelic Grounds with speakers blaring out around the ground to mimic the “Limerick Roar” that lost them the 2007 final.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


The most fatal cheer in GAA history.


16 lads dropped dead.


Seamus Hickey was knocked over by it


:joy: It’s like the Monty Python sketch of the world’s most dangerous joke.


Anyone have owens’ home and work address and telephone number. Asking for a friend.


It never happened .


Brian Gavin will be livid.


A wonderful read. Brian commends the referees before picking out every mistake they made and suggesting that Paud sacks one of his umpires.


I’d say that was probably Bloody Sunday, mate.


I was wondering where all the Limerick posters were gone.


Hopefully John Denton will offer some wise words of advice to his fellow county man James Owens prior to the biggest game of his career.


Are there any decent people left in the larger south east of the country? Must be galling that the four semi finalists were from the southwest and west.


Galling for who? people in south east? Wexford and Waterford?


Kilkenny and Much of Tipperary.


Go away to fuck and get a geography lesson chef.


I’m looking at the map. Are you arguing Kilkenny is not south east? South Riding as well. I suppose North Riding is Midwest.


Will it be Casey or English picking up Glynn? Galway could bring him out to 11 too and force Hannon into a match-up that won’t suit him.
Coen will be given the task of nullifying Lynch out of the game at midfield after the job he did on Kelly.
I can’t see Daithi following Flanagan out the field at the other end, Tuohy will probably get that gig. Joseph Cooney starts in the backs again to pick up Hegarty? Hanbury probably cut if that happens.
In a summer where eight and nine point leads have counted for little, how far do Galway need to be ahead to withstand the Limerick bench?