All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


That’s what was said last year about the Waterford bench.


I struggled to think of who Waterford were bringing on. Tommy Ryan, Dillon and some of the Bennetts?


The limerick boys aren’t allowed reply


If it were me I’d leave Cooney at wing back. Harte always struggles against a big wing forward. I’d put David Burke at wing forward and have either Harte or Loftus in midfield. The way Galway play Burke would be around midfield anyway.


Live 95fm this morning asked all Limerick supporters to turn up at the Gaelic Grounds on Friday night and sing the Fields of Athenry while the Lads are training.


Why would James Owens (who has already refereed the biggest game of the year in 2015) be looking for advice off John Denton? John Denton never refereed an All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

@Mullach_Ide desperately trying to make Tipperary relevant, some two months after they exited the Championship. Well done on the win in the final in 1989 anyway. Tipperary were great the way they beat Antrim in that one.


Jesus Im emotional thinking about it. Lovely initiative.

I believe CJ stander is doing a few sessions with them too


I’m very impressed at the Limerick boys discipline so far, but I’m worried how it’ll affect their health in the long run. Some of them will be gnawing them arm off themselves like a junkie come next Thursday.


If the team show the same discipline then Owens will only have one team to ref.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: A lad from Carlow via Preston deriding any All Ireland hurling victory is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read on here.

@GeoffreyBoycott desperately trying to make himself relevant in a hurling discussion.


Deriding the 1989 win? I said Tipperary were great in the 1989 final. You’re the one that was all needy initially bringing 1989 into the discussion about the 2018 All Ireland Hurling Final.


If you can quote the post where I brought 1989 and Tipperary into the discussion I’ll give you a cookie jeff.


Bringing a long since retired run of the mill referee who’s only associated with one thing - 1989 - into the discussion on the 2018 All Ireland Hurling Final.


So you can’t, thanks for clarifying jeff.


The backlash Monday week when they’ve won nothing, but denied themselves the opportunity to blow out their holes about Sporting Limerick will be great. All the biting of the lips for nothing.


liam ahearne has them hopping up and down so he does, he is some man what he has done to them. afraid of their shit to even discuss the match in case… fuck knows in case. nobody with any sense reads the limerick garbage on here from the limerick social media based hurling fan club.

bar one or two exceptions on here these halfwits will be finished with hurling for the year next sunday week, they should be savouring this buildup. the internet really needs a couple of weeks of ‘we’ll smash those galway cunts’ type posts that you get in the hundreds on the limerick gaa thread.
they will regret it in time. but i suppose thats the way its gone now with liam ahearne pulling the hype strings


Sure they’re like sheep. How high sir ?
It’s not like they’re not able to talk up an average team. Sure they have Limerick winning 5 in a row All Ireland’s since the spawning of TFK.
They then get one of those handy freak asterisk years and they go missing under instruction from the big house.



@smark is crunching the numbers on this one.


I heard these simpletons on the wireless yesterday. They’ve been at every All Ireland final Limerick have been in since 1994! Can you imagine that.