All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


Not as bad as it seems,
They own a cafe… in Waterville


Ah bless, the excitment of a rare All-Ireland final appearance. It’s a shame the sound Limerick lads aren’t about to share their giddiness. calling @iron_mike, @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac, @Esso_Oil, @dodgy_keeper.


Waterville to Dublin! By god, how did they do it?


There’ll definitely be some lad in Kerry that’ll get them a ticket and go in every single fucking day for the next year


One of the Healy raes would be my bet.


How come you haven’t been silenced? Where are the knowledgeable Limerick supporters gone?


He’s from Kerry.


I thought yer man in the photo was @The_Dunph


Where were they initially? I’ve never seen any on TFK.


Being mean won’t bring them back.


No. But it will make them cry.


I’d say they’re lurking. There must be some hidden thread for Limerick posters. There’s no way they’re quiet.


they are scared of their shit that some of their shit talking on the internet might contribute to limerick losing a hurling match

:joy: what a bunch of halfwits

limerick actually won a shit load of matches this year and all the while their scuttertalk about it was overflowing and running down the fucking street


James McGrath has resigned from the intercounty ref panel. He must be absolutely seething. :laughing:




what an utter fucking fanny.


That doesn’t make a lot of sense.



Is that real :rofl:


Sounds like a good line to chat Derval ORourke up with when she gives that look