All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


It would appear so…


What a gimp.


if a referee is going to be like that, then its just as well he didnt get the final. As proud a moment as it should be for the ref, they are not there for the spotlight. For the cliche thread, but a ref should not be noticed in a good game. McGrath being such a pompous attention seeker here says it all. Fuck him. The gimp.


Hello Mike, where u been?


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What a fucking gimp.


good job hes not on twitter. could you imagine the outpourings if a girl swiped right on him :smiley:


He should have held out for another few weeks and me might have got a ticket for the final!


I’m nearly sure that’s Twitter. You dumb cunt fooley.


A pack of children.


its facebook, as confirmed earlier in the thread.

and id actually typed tinder and it autocorrected to twitter.

but yet again you’ve jumped in early and make a total twat of yourself (without much effort it must be said)


How would you swipe right on Twitter?


can you not read a post, or are you just full of rage when you see one of my posts?


How can you swipe right on Twitter?


There’s a big screen in the Gaelic ground showing the All Ireland, I’ve heard it all now. Is there any bandwagon the limerick crowd won’t jump on to ?
The league game in Thurles on March 31st had about 34 Limerick supporters in attendance.


They’ll surely have to do the same at Thomond when the Gaelic grounds sells out.


I’ve explained this already. Dig up you gormless twat.


That’s sporting Limerick I suppose.


Can’t believe McGrath has never been first choice for an All Ireland final, he’s right to be pissed off in fairness but he’s being a bit of a baby in how he’s going about it


Was he not even selected as linesman, if not then I can see why he feels so strongly that he was snubbed. (Even then he has made a tit of himself)