All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


Sounds like James is on his period.


Not on the team of officials at all,

Weird though how he’s never been first choice for the All Ireland as a Westmeath man


Is it??


He has reffed a final though has he not?


He has reffed 2 All Oireland finals


Guys, can we move this referee talk to the appropriate thread please, this is for the All Ireland TEAMS.


Replays, grand but he’s never ever been tne man selected to ref the All Ireland final, I find that odd given his prominence




First time I’ve ever ever agreed with a post of yours, correct TEAM.
This is a Galway forum now.


UP Galway.
Up Joe.

Fuck the Limerick bottlers.


He’s an incompetent referee


A gobshite.


A thread full of Tipp gombeens and Nogra volunteers going apeshit that Limerick lads aren’t posting on it. Bizarre.

There’s only going to be one winner here. Monday after the final should very enjoyable on this thread.


@balbec has cracked the whip here and the Limerick boys have fallen into line, not a peep out of them. Some example of the eastern block iron fist.


Officer class that chap.


I ran the cattle out the chute there with the sound of the ould fella roaring and shouting in the background.

We’ve a TB test next week and I want to make sure they perform on the day.


FAO the limerick social media based hurling supporters, step 2 has been released;


You’ll have to break that down for the townies @KinvarasPassion, they haven’t a notion of what you mean.


Nonsense, every townie knows TB stands for Trial Balance.


FAO @balbec the omerta has been cancelled. Release the hounds.