All Ireland League - Proper Rugby

Nothing better than a cold wet Saturday rocking up at 2.30 for a match.

Trips to old clubs, clubhouse bars and not bandwagon in sight. Rather than paying €40 to freeze your balls off watching 2nd string pro 14 teams or translating Irish off tg4 get down to your local club


The standard in the all Ireland league matches anything I have witnessed so far in Japan

Great thread. I’ll likely take in the second AIL game in 80 odd years in Enniscorthy next weekend. We hammered Midleton 22-3 or something last weekend. :clap:

When I bleed, I bleed Buckaneers

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Die hard Shannon man here.

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Superb thread. I was at an AIL game today with a decent crowd and bar full after of happy folk. A great Sat afternoon


Great for Clonmel too first time in their history at senior level too. Many junior clubs would be well capable at 2C level. Great for everyone involved.

My experience of playing Munster J1 teams gives me confidence. Teams going back to back promotion from junior/2C. Ballina last year, Sligo did it, Wanders and Seapoint also if I remember correctly

Who did you pkay with?

Thought you were Cookies royalty?

no… I’ve plenty if family and friends up that way but I’m a parish man.

Mate? You lived around the corner from Tom Clifford park

I had a stand out career with Shannon

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You have my respect comrade.

Why did @chairmandan , @gilgamboa or @BarneyCurley not start this thread? Are they not proper rugby men at all? Bandwagonners perhaps?

There’s already an ail thread.

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Why did you not start that?

Self entitled aftertiming elitists have no business in a proper rugby thread


I started posting here a few weeks ago before the thread was started.

Cookie exiled in Cork. Great enjoyment beating Shannon at the end of last year. The noughties were cruel in Division 2 watching Shannon win

You’ve an excuse, @applecrumbled and @geoffreyboycott have none.