Allianz NHL Tipping Competition - Week 1

Week 1 of TFK’s prestigious and hugely popular hurling tipping competition starts this week.

What are the basics?

You pay €10 to bet with 100 points for NHL games this weekend. You can bet as many times as you like with those points - using them all on 1 bet or spreading them over various bets on various matches in various sports.

At the end of the weekend we will settle the bets and the poster with the most points will take home the pot (less 10% for TFK).

We do it all again for Week 2 and so on.

What can I bet on?

  • Tipp v Dublin
  • Limerick v Wexford
  • Galway v Cork
  • Waterford v Kilkenny
  • Clare v Offaly
  • Laois v Kerry

Can I do accumulators?

Yes. Simply add more than one event to your bet slip.

Is it winner takes all?

If there are more than 7 entrants then I will split the pot between winner and runner-up (70%/30%). If there are more than 10 entrants then I will split the pot between winner and 2 runners-up (70%/20%/10%)

How do I deposit?

First you need to register at TFK BET. Do that here. Unless you registered for TFK BET 1.0 last week, then just go straight to the next step.

Then deposit via paypal. From this page. It’s €10 to participate so the only amount you can deposit this week is €10.

Is this the end of the Daily Fantasy?

Not sure. We’ll see how this goes.

I played last week, or on Daily Fantasy do I need to re-register?


Why should I bother?

TFK is not free to run. Think of this as your way of giving something back to TFK, while also having a great chance to win decent money. The competition will live or die by its popularity. Ultimately, TFK itself lives or dies by the popularity of ventures such as this.

This sounds great, what else can we expect?

  • Soccer tipping competitions
  • Cheltenham tipping competition
  • Allianz NFL tipping competition
  • American football tipping competition

Good man rock o

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This will be epic.

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Have you any other outlets to advertise this by other than via TFK?

No. Feel free to share it among all your friends and acquaintances.

Has TFK a twitter account?

A number of them.


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Did you tag anyone? The GAA, the Sun newspaper?

No, I’m not great at twitter. Why would I tag them though? Maybe I should have tagged Ewan.

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Tag the GPA.


Because it will come up on the feed of shitheads who follow The GAA or The Sun Newspaper- I think… I’m shit at twitter too… That useless cunt @bandage should be given this task.

It won’t. Unless you mean hashtagging but that won’t make any difference.

Those of ye who placed bets already - any issues or was it as seamless as I hope?

No wonder twitter is dying, a load of auld shite.

Why is there no link to this on the homepage?
Also you should maybe have a look at one of those annoying rollover banners for unregistered people directing them to the betting.

@ChocolateMice resurrect a few of your boards accounts and mention it in the gambling and GAA forums over there.



Do we have a general Allianz NHL 2016 thread yet?