Alright sort of the year 2013

Kevin Kilbane

Just announced on soccer am that all money raised from his forthcoming book will be going towards down syndrome charities :clap:

What a great guy :clap:

Barney Curley

You not prepared to share threads with people any more Mac? Want them all to yourself now do you?

My thread was setup first Fagan so it would be a sign of weakness were I to start posting in Sids thread.

I’m disappointed in Sid to be honest, acting like the PDC.

However, I’m willing to accept a thread merge if Dunph has time to do it.

Would someone please think of the children?

Barney is, he’s sending truckloads of stuff to them in Africa.

art foley

Did the man in the news today, Padraig Nally ever win the alright sort of the year award?

The man should be in the shake up for the alight sort of the last 10 years award

what next?

the GGA lad that killed his dad

larry murphy>?

none of the above.

whoever does the world a favour and pumps some lead into your forehead would be in the snake up for the gong though


Didn’t realise this was the official thread.

Ciaran Kilkenny.

the Oirish celebrating failure again :rolleyes:


He left the failures over in Australia.

Vincent Kompany.

Cleared in a court of law who clearly felt he didn’t have a case to answer.

Noel Hickey.

Merge these fucking threads FFS

Was a vote even held for last years yet!? I have yet to see it.