An Idiots guide to downloading TV Programs/Movies from the Internet

Could someone please give me a breakdown as to how to download TV Programs/Movies from the Internet

What is the best site and software to use?

I’m not far removed from an idiot chewy, but I use uTorrent and generally use the isohunt site.

and check reviews in case they are viruses. use only ones with a good few seeds on them.

it works for me, have got plenty of albums and films off it, and even other software, photoshopping stuff and other stuff like that. garmin map updates on it too.

And how exactly does the process work, gman

download the utorrents thing. open isohunt. search for your film. click on a film that the search result opens. make sure that it is ok. click ‘download torrent’. a pop up window appears, click open. then the utorrent download thing will open. it tells you how long it will take. when finished, the film will say 100%, and it will seed. click delete on this (big red X, it will ask if you are sure). in your ‘my documents’ folder, you should see a ‘downloaded’ folder. open this and your film should be here. move it to a selected folder of your choice. watch your film.

Right I have downloaded something there now, it is telling me that it is seeding, what is this and how long does it take

it should say it is downloading, not seeding? a percentage bar should be beside it, and it should also say how long is left for it to download.

I have 3 invites to IPTorrents if anyone is interested.

no it has fully downloaded, now it is saying seeded, although I might have been a bit ambitious with my first download it is a fairly big file!

I have successfully downloaded an episode of the US Office :clap: :popcorn:

good man. now you can move on to bigger and better things! shitloads of stuff you can download.

Yes please Totti.

I can reciprocate with a demonoid invite if you’re interested.

No problem Rocko. Can you supply me with an email address to forward on said invite?

You can use admin at the free kick dot com.

I’ll thank you in advance if I don’t mind as I need to watch some tv now.

You’re very welcome.

I have two left now lads.

yeah sure lob one my way totti. gman.wex at

cheers. unfortunatley I have nothing to offer in return!

Done Gman.

maybe you could offer a bland anecdote about on of your trips abroad?

[quote=“Gman, post: 613189”]
. unfortunatley I have nothing to offer [/quote]

Talk about a poster summing himself up in one sentence


I am willing to accept the above in return Gman.

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