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Metal Church - In Mourning

Skid Row - Monkey Business

Savatage - Jesus Saves

Criss Oliva was the best guitarist on the scene when he died. Any guitar fans here should check him out, as it’s likely you’ve never even heard of him.

Entombed - Wolf Tickets

There are more people alive today
Than have ever died
Now, if this is true
And if you believe in reincarnation
It means there are a lot of people
Around without souls
Doesn’t that make sense?

I’ve met some of them
Haven’t you?

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Going to see The Seattle Grunge Experience with Jerry this weekend. He’s big into Nirvana and Soundgarden. Should be good.

This is just wonderful

This is a good listen

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Some quality posts there @mikehunt

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Killing Joke - Requiem

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To mark the recent passing of guitarist Kevin “Geordie” Walker:

Killing Joke - Pssyche

Mission Of Burma - That’s When I Reach For My Revolver


Public Image Limited - Public Image

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XTC - Complicated Game

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Not usually into the gurning death metal style vocals but this is good.


ISIS were a great band. Saw them a handful of times before they split.

Their show in Whelan’s around 2004 was top notch. A mini bus came up from Limerick. We knew one of the supports and ended up in the band room with ISIS, and ate all their sandwiches (you can take the man out of Tipp, etc.)

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