Annoying Office Jargon - Part III

“Peanut butter spread it”


It just makes no sense to me. I didnt realise it was around this long. I’m not sure how it ever caught on.

Its doing the rounds in a big way in Q1.

This sort of jargon really flummoxes the Indians, they look kind of nervously at each other before agreeing that they should nod and smile.


From an article in the times this morning: ‘is the juice worth the squeeze’ in relation to monitoring employees work/ICT habits while either in the office or WFH.

A Friday afternoon meeting is often good for this kind of thing.

Just had someone say:

“Clearly this is an intensive job of work but we’re together eating the elephant bit by bit.”


Was out of the office around 4:30pm my time and on my workphone saw a webex message from some cunt in the UK “just sent you an invite for a connect this evening”. I replied “on Friday evening”?

“Oh right, sorry. Will reschedule to Tuesday”. Some cunt trying to tick the boxes before the UK Bank holiday. He had since Monday to contact me.




It’s Fook that the cool lads are using now…

Have any of ye ever had a “preponement of a meeting”?


That’s a new one for me. Bringing a meeting forward, is it? Something I might add to my lexicon.

I’ll have to move one just to use that.

Yup. I like it.

Can we call a meeting that happens at the scheduled time a Ponement?

Prepone 1-800

“We arrived at a fudge we were all happy to chew on”

is a wonderful addition to any serious business man’s (international or national) lexicon.


Heard it again today in Second Captains but heard it recently on a call by an American colleague.

Colouring outside of the lines.

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