Another casualty of the recession


This poor lad is still being dragged through the courts. He should have just stayed at home, gone into NAMA and he’d be selling housing estates to cuckoo funds for millions.

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He thought that he was the smartest and ballsiest of them all

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Poor lad? Tongue in cheek surely

Gail killilea…
An amoral, venal harridan.
I wonder whether dunner is advising her.

A long long time between drinks

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Gluttons for litigation the pair of them.


A bargain…chaaaaaaaaaaarge

surely one for @TheUlteriorMotive , @gilgamboa and @Tim_Riggins

Some bargain

Does that include a match ticket, or is it just dinner and a telly ?
That’s where your pension money is being spent ladies and gentlemen.

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Great value, you can’t put a price on that kind of networking opportunity.

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Credit Suisse cancelling their table I’d say


The Tory party junket to address Taoiseach Leo has been cancelled.

Reading start of the this thread.

Interesting to see lads being tourists in the different country that is the past.

That took a while. He must have living in penury the last 12 years.

Was it him that had bought a clifftop palace in Monaco or Monte Carlo or somesuch?

Cheaper than an acre outside Naas at the time I’d say.