Another horrific accident in Donegal

8 people killed in a crash last night, including seven young men from one car. Truely tragic stuff but you’d have to wonder what it’s going to take for youngsters up there to get the message as regards to wreckless driving and speeding?

They are going to have to change the driving age in Donegal to 21 or something. The amount of road deaths in Donegal is completely out of proportion to its population. Shit roads and boy racers.

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Who goes driving around with 8 people in a car?

ah thats just horrific. Utter devastation for the local community up there.

Cant understand why there isnt laws forcing car manufacturers to put alarms on the speedometers so when you go above 70miles an hr an annoying alarm sound comes on. Reckon it would kill a lot of the speeding. A few of the newer cars have it for safety belts so it wouldnt be a big step.

Immaturity and cars though are a fatal mix.

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Donegal is a law unto itself when it comes to boyracers, its mental. My thoughts go out to the ones left behind.

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Vroom vroom vr vr vrrrrrrrr vroom. Bang. Oops.
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Did he? Probably because he’s a little bitch.

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Tragic loss but it could have been avoidable. 8 people in the car, what were they thinking? Will they ever learn, reports in some news items said that the car was in an earlier collision. Surely the driver could not have had full control of the car with 8 people in it.

Feel sorry for those left behind and for the poor person in the other car. :frowning:

Seemingly the car with eight in it was involved in a minor accident just before the fatal crash.8 lads in one car, not a good mix. Flano, a new low for you on this thread.

You haven’t seen anything yet bro.

Nothing new from the resident scum bag yank.

You’re an unfunny Harold Bishop. There are cruder posters on here but at least they can be funny at times.

There’s always a few horror crashes in Donegal where a number of young people are killed, a couple of times a year it seems. Buncrana seems like a particular black spot.


They were the county with the highest number of road deaths in 2010 even before last nights tragedy.

The are huge into rallying/motor sports up there and you have young fellas driving like lunatics on poorly maintained roads. A recipe for disaster.

I honestly feel sorry for the families left behind, but for these idiots, 8 of them, to pile into a car, have ONE lucky escape, then to carry on as normal, well its pretty difficult feel much for them surely?

I was about to post a rant there but you’ve hit the nail on the head there bro. :clap:

Agreed, it’s tragic for the families but after one crash you’d think they would cop the fuck on… a girl I went to college with also died on the road in Tipperary over the weekend, left behind a 9 year old daughter. Dont know the ins and outs of it but attitudes have to change.