Are you happy with the pope coming

Is he welcome in your eyes

He’s welcome to come in my eyes, pal.


Very welcome.

A great man. I will be there to greet Il Papa.

Yes. I can’t wait another 2 decades to be on the sideline shouting on another batch of Francis’ , instead of the batch of recently retired John Paul’s.
Also. If I have anymore young lads it won’t be Francis or John Paul. It’ll be MyBoyBlue or IronMike or something cool like that.

He is welcome and I am happy.

Two yes’s from me

Its unbelievable, a great day for the country

The head of the worlds largest paedophile ring is not welcome.

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Ah lovely.

Treasa May?



You @HBV sticking up for the gays welcome the pope talk about 2 faced

I’m happy with the Pope visiting* Ireland alright @Joe_Player. He seems like a nice bloke.

How do you know he is a “nice bloke”? Better in comparison to the Gucci wearing Hitler youth member I suppose.

I don’t know. That’s why I said he SEEMS like a nice bloke.

His just another one