AS Roma Season 2017/18


Should or should not, they will happen even to the best athletes.

They are common but I think footballers recover very well now, obviously you can get players trying to force it too quick and rupturing it again but it doesn’t seem to impact players before an after like it would have done done 5-10 years ago and before.

GAA players on the other hand I don’t think recover as well. I have my doubts that a gaelic footballer will ever be the same again after a cruciate rupture.


Level of athlete is largely irrelivant.

Only reason GAA players may not get back as well is available resources.

However on the other hand sometimes GAA players are better looked after than Pro Sports. Its very case by case. I know ohysios who throw out the exact same rehab program to every ACL athlete. That in utself is flawed. Another major issue is surgeons prescribing exercises, bit this is less common these days.

Very often players who were below expected strength levels come back stronger after makor injury because of the rehab and even the enforced lay off where over loading had been a problem


Manolas, Pellegrini, Gonalons and Gerson in for Juan, Strootman, De Rossi and Perotti.




Emerson back on the bench today as well.

Little Pharaoh with the assist.


Veretout equalises


Benevento who have had the worst ever start to Serie A with 11 straight defeats have taken the lead against Juventus in Turin.



Gil Dias giving Kolarov lots of problems.

Astori with a great block to deny Little Pharaoh.


They were 66/1 to win this game.



Fantastic counter attack goal from Roma.


Gonalons did superbly with a driving run 1-2 and lovely through ball to Gerson who dispatched brilliantly.

Two great finishes by the Brazilian.


Poor clearance from Manolas nearly costs us.

Great game, end to end.



Cracking header from Simeone.


Great double save from Allison, we’re all over the shop at the back.


2-2 HT


Benevento lead Juve at HT.


Manolas puts Roma 3-2 up.

Juve have levelled in Turin.


Lazio’s clash with Udinese has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.


Perotti for Little Pharaoh.


Pellegrini has not had a great game, few sloppy touches and passes from him.

The Washing Machine will come in for him now.