AS Roma Season 2017/18


What do you expect from a fascist team?


What’s wrong with fascism?


Dunno mate, it’s got a bad rep though.
Why don’t you make an opening statement in defence of it?


I’m not bothered, mate. I’m a socialist myself but I am tolerant to fascists and their viewpoints.


Clearly mate,
But as I said about the racism at Roma, what do you expect from a dog only a bark.


what racism mate?


The Roma racism mate, it’s shocking stuff and I won’t be repeating it.


the alleged racism?


Delighted with the start EDF has made, building on the work of Spalletti. Little Pharaoh also starting to deliver on his promise.


Roma were good but Chelsea were utter dross .


Are you saying the Roma ‘fans’ weren’t making monkey noises at Rudgier at Stamford Bridge or if the Roma ‘fans’ were making monkey noises, it was in some sort of benign, non racist manner?


Very exciting times to be Romanisti.

I’m delighted to see Little Pharaoh finally beginning to deliver on his potential. He could be huge for us this season.


How do you feel about the racist element in the support who brought shame on the club at Stamford Bridge?




Another full back with an ACL injury tonight. Napoli’s Faouzi Ghoulam.

Full backs/wing backs seems to be very susceptible to cruciate injuries. As I mentioned with Roma, of those 8 ACL injuries Roma had in the past year, 6 of them were full backs who suffered them.

This year alone we’ve had the following prominent ACL injuries:

Conti (Milan)
Karsdorp (Roma)
Ghoulam (Napoli)
Mendy (Man City)




Full/wing backs probably cover more ground than any player on the pitch and are usually quite hard runners so I’d imagine that’s a lot to do with it.


Yes this is true. I would like to see the data on KM’s covered.

How much has it changed.

Many managers ask players to fullfill roles without actually layering up the volume of running or general prep.

Look at what Klopp did at Liverpool. That was fucking insanity. And i believe the in-situ staff were going mental at some of it but of course are ignored.

Its unusual in Italy though. Maybe the culture has changed and game has adjusted to put more pressure on these lads.

Its a disgrace at Roma though. Thats really firing stuff.


There’s been a lot of cruciate injuries in Italy of late but I think that’s just modern football. A lot of the players seem to return pretty well after it. Insigne has been brilliant after his ACL injury, Florenzi has been in fine form after his double ACL, Rudiger had a great season after his ACL rupture, Strootman also recovered really well after two years out with his ACL - think the first surgery was a botch job.

To me it seems to just be part of the parcel now, the recovery times seem to have came down rapidly, obviously there is a chance of reoccurence if you try and push it too quick but generally it doesn’t seem to have the same adverse impact as it once has. Florenzi was back playing football 11 months after two ACL ruptures and he seems to be every bit as good as before. Strootman’s problem looked to be a botched surgery in the first place but he’s played about 50 games in the past 12 months so it looks to be standing up to it.

The trend now is that players recover very well from cruciates (in football anyway), they don’t seem to have the same debilitating effects as they once had but are more common in the past couple of year.


Surgery is actually the same, maybe marginally better.

The strength & conditioning has improved out of sight with ACL’s though.

However no ACL should ever happen, especially non contact.

Surgeons claim an ACL should be able to tow a truck.

I believe though that alot of these injuries may be also down to the academy systems. The structured tactical play, the drill based training and a new generation of players who were not ayreet footballers and have severly reduced “Frer Play” are contributing as well. Free Play (or lack of) is thw worlds biggest health issue now. Its have untold effects on all populations for many reasons.

Mental well being and generally contentment are also factors some specialists associate with sports injuries.

Im this case though the positions involved certainly need more investigation.

But it should not be happening