Ask a vague question thread


Anyone know what those little flat square box things are on the top of some houses? They’re not very big. They’re on slanty roofs. Maybe about the size of a shoe box lid. Usually a few of them grouped together in a row. (They’re not slates or tiles or stuff like that obviously).


Vents I’d imagine

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For extractor fans


No, just for attic space ventilation


@Rocko is it something like these

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I’ll club you like a baby seal

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Very important in my gaff,


Yes very important if you’ve kids locked in an attic.


Watch this and weep


Yes. Those fuckers there. They’re just vents are they?


Yea, cannabis plants need plenty of ventilation.


Yip, not every house needs them, it depends on the flow of air you get up from your soffit vents (if you have them) etc

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You’re sharp :rofl:


My brother had a collection of toy John Deeres & Massey Fergusons when he was younger. Now he just vents about the real things holding up traffic on the roads.

You could say he’s an extractor fan.


An attic extractor fan is a good idea though, if you live in the hotter parts of Ireland.


Yes, down around the Wexican desert.


Harsh pal. I’m sure they’ll be back competing for All Irelands sometime in the future.


1st Wedding Anniversary gift ideas for her… talk to me guys.


Dinner and a Night away in the Cliff House*

*with you as well


Done that before.