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How well I know you.

I think “experiences” are good anniversary gifts rather than buying a present for her.

London for a musical?

Lyrath and a hot air balloon flight

With a calf at foot traveling is not an option.

a divorce?


U21 hurling in semple stadium followed by a night of vodka? in Lars


One bit of advice is go to

Can get very good cards etc on there which women like. Add In something like this and you are golden

Is there a term for mixing up words when speaking?

Is it some kind of verbal dyslexia or a sign of forgetfulness or early onset dementia or just easy going carelessness or what?

I work with a chap who does this all the time and it leads to regular confusion both in work situations and during general conversation.

Not so much in using words with the incorrect meaning (there is an element of that though) or jumbling up the order of words in his sentences - moreso getting people, things and places wrong all the time.

A few examples (not that anyone cares):

He was on about the Palme D’Or earlier before I realised after another few sentences he was actually talking about football and the Ballon D’Or.

He was saying that he thinks Drogba is overrated yesterday. I thought it was weird to bring him up as he’s hardly that relevant these days but maybe he saw Drogba doing punditry on ITV. I asked if he meant as a pundit or player and he said that he’d never seen Drogba do punditry. I said I thought he was a very good player and had a bit of everything you need in a striker, even if he wasn’t prolific by say Ronaldo’s standards. Then he said sure Drogba isn’t a striker and, of course, it dawned on me that he was referring to Pogba.

He rarely gets names right - whether it’s people or companies. He’ll announce in a team meeting that some company we deal with is going bust or something and everyone will baulk at the news before it becomes apparent it’s a different company that sounds like the one we lend to.

He’s a voracious reader, well informed about stuff (when he’s not spouting shite he’s got arseways) and a very nice fella. It just seems weird that it happens every other day.

I like the cut of his jib, doesn’t give a fuck, a bit like @AppleCrumbled doesn’t check his facts of hold off, he’d be a rarity on TFK where you’d have most fellas checking the thesaurus and googling like fuck before making a point

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It amuses me that he’ll go away from a conversation thinking the other person is thick.

Another example from a while back. There was one of those awkward work conversations about politics and someone criticised Varadkar. He remarked that the other side was as bad, if not worse, and sure look at Cowen. One of the lads said that he’s a gobshite alright but he’d only be a mid ranking minister if Fianna Fáil were leading a government.

Naturally enough it transpired that he wasn’t referring to Barry Cowen but inadvertently said Cowen (thinking of ex leader Brian) when he meant Micheál Martin. It’s harmless and these examples come across as bland or whatever, but the sheer confusion and puzzled looks he generates before it becomes apparent what he actually means are quite funny in person.

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Please tell me more about this or will google suffice?

Thats a sure fire case of Carmine Lupertazzi Jr Syndrome



It’s not a well understood disorder, other than its obviously related to changes in the brain. Did you get a bang to the head in the past year? Generally Aphasia doesn’t exist in isolation, there are usually other symptoms like confusion and memory loss.

Come to think of it the signs have been there for some time, your confusion regarding the contribution of the HOTY in the AI final last year a prime example.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is linked to aphasia. Didn’t @Bandage start driving recently.

Barry Cowen doesn’t sound anything like Micheál Martin, so that’s probably just sheer ignorance, or in 21st century parlance, “another disorder”.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like this poor chap is giving a Tour de France in the office canteen.


Maybe he’s just a bit of an Alan Sugar.

He walked over to the TV there to get a better look at the replay of the France goal and made reference to Lemar’s finish. He’s literally looking at the goal celebration and “MBAPPE” emblazoned across the back of the jersey. Two black lads who play or played with Monaco.

This did happen. I swear on it.


No doubt he’ll be expecting more fireworks from Stormzy against Tunisia on Saturday. :soccer:

Could be just anxiety or a mild ABI (Acquired Brain Injury).

I had a boss once like that. His famous one was. “24/7”.

7 hours a day, 24 days a week.
And he wasn’t trying to be funny.

Jewelry & Flowers for a finish, you useless shower of bastards.

This example may seem as contrived as a Brian Kerr co-commentary utterance which goes viral. Went for pints with work to watch Belgium-England. At one stage late in the first half Boyata headed a dangerous cross behind for a corner and the camera zoomed in on him.

“Is Batistuta’s brother in the squad?”

[quickly trying to work out who the fuck he’s on about - did he mean Boyata or has he confused him with some other Belgian? How has he come up with Batistuta? Oh maybe he meant Batshuayi…he’s started in this game and his name begins with B]

“Em…do you mean Batshuayi?”

“No [incredulusly]…your man with the brother who plays too.”

[Ah he must mean Hazard as his brother is playing in this game…but his question seemed to be triggered by Boyata / Batistuta and he doesn’t look like Hazard]

“Is it Hazard you mean? His brother is playing in midfield there alright.”

“What? Hazard? No I meant…eh…your man upfront there.”


“NO! Eh…Lukaku!”

Boyata -> Batistuta -> Batshuayi -> Hazard -> Batshuayi -> Lukaku.