Ask Polacks About Balbecs


Do the Poles really want American troops on the ground?

Of course. Sure aren’t they there already?

What’s the mood on the ground?

That Limerick will be hard bet this year.


Szczęśliwego dnia świętego patryka @balbec :ireland: :poland:

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That’s easy for you to say.

I’ve taken to getting my leisurewear from 4F in Poland. Fine quality apparel at good prices. Their Robert Lewandowski 9 range is cracking stuff but more expensive.

Anything I need to be wary of though @balbec? I’m worried I’ll find out they’re Russian owned or something.


No, they’re grand. Local company. HQ five miles from me over in Wieliczka.


Lovely stuff. I’ll get over RL9 being a bit of a prick because his hemwork is tremendous.

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It’s nice gear in fairness

8km mate

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17 mins on the bike


Some nice gear there @balbec

Do they do a pre loved range

Had a business a few years back, cycling apparel. We got our gear out of Poland. Excellent quality. Kallisto is the brand, would recommend them.

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I’ll find out

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I get my hats from Poland. Sterkowski.
Great gear.

Smart looking attire…

How many hats have you?

8 or 9 at the minute. One for every mood.