Ask Polacks About Balbecs

Moody owld bollix confirmed

A blue hat for a blue day.

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They must have good quality caps in Poland alright, @balbec uses them to bate the Doon lads with every year


I have just made an order of a few hoodies based on your recommendations.

The IKEA WFH chair’s armrests have done a serious number on the elbows of my hoodies since the start of the pandemic, so the new gear will get a thorough test over the next few months.

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@balbec , I just saw on Fox News (I know - I’m only in after darts and half cut) a bit saying there’s panic buying of anti-radiation sickness drugs all over Europe and they had a pharmacist or doctor on from Poland telling people not to panic, there’s more on the way.

I haven’t seen or heard shit about any such craic here, has it come to your attention over yonder?

Time to dig out the Iodine tablets they sent us

Not a word

Loads of tourists cancelling trips to Krakow due to it’s proximity to the war zone. Cheap deals to be had.

Balbec, stag do in poznan for 7-8 lads . Yes or no given the proximity to the war and general mood ?

A great town for the spuds.

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Absolutely no problem. Good town to go out. Just don’t start speaking Russian.

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Loads of pale Irish-looking kids around 9 years old there.

Great spot based on my few nights there in 2012


Mucho Gracias . There might be a few lads that look a bit Russian alright

@balbec Putin assassinated the President.

I’d take anything I read about that with a pinch of salt at this stage. Trying to land a plane over a forest in fog had nothing to do with it. The Russians never gave the plane back though.

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I watched Hectors show from Krakow on TG4 last night. It was poor enough in fairness.

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