Association Football Kits

Dunno if Pools new kit has been posted here yet

Keepers kit

Seen a few of the Intl kits for the World Cup, nothing outstanding out there this year imo.

what a boring, stupid and utterly pointless post

Care to point out the pointlessness point there mikee? Yid Spurs cunt.

The Brazil kit is decent, but quite boring. The Italian kit looked utterly cack to me, but then you’d expect that from Italy, I cant recall the last time they had a decent kit. Englands kit is shite as per usual, topped off by having their change kit launched at a Kasabian concert, fucking Kasabian I ask you. What an utter cuntish thing to do, but what else would you expect from cunts.

The Dutch kit isnt bad now that I think of it.

This is the one I will most likely be picking up, always a tremendous effort

What NCC will be sporting on this Hill this year

Huge big meh…

I quite like this one actually

Saw the Liverpool one the other day. Didn’t like to be honest but there’s some retro charm to it I suppose.

Pool one looks very garish to me, perhaps it could just be the sleeves, I dunno. Might look nicer up close.

Brazils WC shirt. You dont fuck with perfection I guess

Portugal 2nd kit Jaysus

Cameroon 2nd kit

Cheating bastards will be wearing this

What Michael Essien might be wearing

One of the most pointless threads in the history of the internet

Ivory Coast away, quality…

Yet you felt the need to post on it to back that up. Attaboy Mac. :lol:


To be fair Puke, your admiration for the imposter has cast serious clouds over your judgment here.

I will await the Prawns verdict. <_<

considering the fact that noddy posted up most of these shirts months ago this thread looks a little retarded and unnecessary

Germany’s kit is always class, the Dutch usually make a stylish effort for their away geansaí too.
That Liverpool one reminds me of the flecked effort they had when sponsored by Candy.

:o Get to fuck… I missed that thread. :angry:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Outstanding thread MBB, keep up the good work.

Dutch away will date too quickly I think. Argie’s is class.

Man Utd kits for 2010/2011. Pretty horrible again, though there will be some stink id they use the green and gold kit!

Unmerited criticism of a very important thread.

I will be looking to pick up that Ivory Coast away jersey – it resembles the Celtic jersey a bit and it’ll complement my colouring.

MBB, I would appeal to you to broaden the tread to include any new advances/offerings in football boots and keepers’ gloves and so on also.

Well on that, to any of the lads who actually play a sport on here, stay away from the new preds. Breaking down the middle all over the place, unable to take astandard calf stretch by all accounts. Glad i heard it as i’ve always worn them, and the new ones loked an improvement fit and weight wise.

Ah I hope they use the green and yellow one. :lol:

You say ‘nothing outstanding’ but then go on to basically say Brazil’s is ‘perfection’, Argentina’s a tremendous effort and Ivory Coast’s is ‘quality’ among some other praise of Germany’s etc. What were you looking for to make them outstanding?