Athletics Thread

Losing to O’Sullivan was a complete bottle job. Thats the area she needs to work on most.
I remember watching her in Euro cross countries in Dublin about 2 years ago when some middle-aged Cork cunt near me commented to his buddies that she had a fat arse. It seemed a ridiculous comment but there was probably a grain of truth in it She didn’t look quite as Biafran as her competitors. Now she looks way leaner. I’d say the move to England has made a huge difference to her training

Nothing you have said there has changed my mind for what it’s worth :joy:


You could argue Mageean’s late career improvements are way more questionable. I’d give them both the benefit of the doubt


I’d imagine most of Mageean’s indoor races would be competition where time wouldn’t be a concern. I’d say Healy benefited from being in a fast race. 3 second improvement on her time from 2 years ago which is similar to her improvement outdoors last year.


I’ll happily be wrong on it. I hope I am

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Roisin Flanagan also broke the 2 mile indoor NR.

Some of these makey uppey indoor distances are funny

This wasn’t a great performance from her. She’ll be disappointed with that

Wow she was caught badly there on the last turn

Marathon world record holder Kiptum reportedly killed in a crash.

That’s shocking. 24.

Another Kenyan great also passed away in the last few day. Henry Rono RIP

Seville marathon on Virgin 2. Fearghal Curtin in group at 2’08 pace 15k in.

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Ryan Creech not far behind him.

Anto O’Brien & Gary O’Hanlon featuring on the TV coverage a bit, they’re in the group with the leading women.

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Did Curtin drop out?

Think Creech was puts on a Greg Allen voice best of the Irish at 2:12. Where does that leave him? I thought the Olympic qualifying time was 2:08 or 2:09 but can national federations nominate folk who don’t make that time?

Anto O’Brien nearly took the finishing tape with the female winner in 2:22. He’s a triathlete, now focusing on running & it was his first marathon. He’s from up this neck of the woods & his other half is a good runner with Raheny. He’s got an entertaining social media game & won that Clontarf half marathon in November. I’d say there’s more to come from him.

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It appears he dropped at 30k going by the tracker. I’m not sure of the exact criteria if you don’t meet the qualifying time. Think they have until end of April so maybe Curtin will go again. Assume Scullion planning to give it another go too.

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An absolute belter of a finish between Nick Griggs and Cathal Doyle in the 1500m indoor final. Both of them literally threw themselves across the finish line. Griggs showed some great moxy to get up but was just short

Women’s 400m up final now. Mawdsley, Becker and Harrison all in it from the 4x400m team who made the final last summer

Mawdsley seems to have taken a step forward in the last 12-18 months & moved ahead of Becker & co. She won that fairly comfortably.