Athletics Thread

Have it on the player

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False start in the 10,000 meters. FFS

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The start is crucial in 10k

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Who has the rights in the uk? Surprised bbc3 or Eurosport aren’t showing it

Its on BBC Red Button I think but I’ve no clue how to tune it in

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BBC Red Button is on IPTV.
Been great all week. No studio analysis, so don’t miss anything.

What medal will 4x400 get tomorrow night?*

  • Assume all available

A fighting chance to compete for Gold with the Dutchies and the Poles.


The 3 leaders in the 10000 have a Belgian running with them who they’ve lapped and is staying with them. The Belgian is 7th. Have never seen a leading group so far ahead of the field like this before

There’s women finishing the race here a lap early and not realising they’ve to go around again :joy:

Arguably the greatest Triple Jump final of all time currently happening. 2 lads over 18m. 3rd longest jump of all time in the lead


Tamberi putting on a pantomime in the High Jump. Won it at 2.31 and took 2 more jumps to set a CR at 2.37. Collapsed after 2.34 like he’d a broken leg before pulling some holy medal out of his shoes. Up with the Italian Prime Minister now in the stands being congratuled

I thought it looked like springs

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I think his shoe split.

Katherine Merry on commentary duty on BBC, said earlier he’s by far the most popular sports person in Italy. Bit of a showman certainly.

Serves me right for trying to pay some attention to the Ireland Portugal game at the same time.

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Gas Cunt

Amazing it doesn’t have more coverage…yet @mac going mad they not showing every minute of it live on rte

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@Mac seems to be a serious resurgence in Italian athletics?