Athletics Thread


Van Nierkerk in the 400 pulling up.


He’s the 200 double on his mind. Records and a sub 43 can wait.


More money made breaking them at Grand Prix meetings I presume


Top class athletics is brilliant.

Flawed as fuck but what they do is amazing


Pole vault getting Rediclious


The Qatari chapmade up some distance to get a medal.


Pam from IAAF medical services being thrown to the wolves here.

Diagnosed Makwala without any tests.

Public health England protocol invoked. Unreal.

His temperature was normal.


Eurosport coverage is ridiculously good and unbiased. Makes a mockery of BBC.


BBC is compelling right now.

A complete fuck up.

Some triple jumper collapsed and was allowed compete.


Steve Cram and Brendan Foster are the greatest Athletics commentators in the world


Rutherford and Edwards are good


This one wouldn’t want to be let near a GAA dressing room before a big game. Lads puking for fun before matches.


Edwards used to grate me with his holier than thou attitude but he seems different now he’s not on the BBC


Caffeine gels run through lads


Think he’s not so religious any more. You need a certain type of jingoistic fuckwit to land a gig on the BBC.


That and the fact that he gave up on religon conpletely


French lad on Eurosport now


Either that or to be a paedo


:uk: behind :venezuela: on the medals table here.