Athletics Thread


Any songs about Venezuela Mac?


Mea Culpa. South American flags were always my weak area. Anyway, as it happens I do


Jezza Kiernan nailing it


Jerry is the best sports analysis currently on Irish radio/tv


Jerry is a self absorbed wanker.


They prevented the chap from Botswana from getting in and said he was sick. Meanwhile a load of Germans and the Oirish guy were happy out in their hotel watching films.


They were only there for the craic. He was there to win.


Didnt that happen to a high profile GGA player in a big game not so long ago?


I believe it did.

Adrenaline and caffeine should be respected.


Its an odd old angle your taking on this one. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.




You’re decline as a poster is sad to see pal. Up your game


This is it.

Maybe we should start looking at it as entertainment and not in the old Corinthian Spirit view held for so long.


I’d consider Athletics in the same was as WWF


CC @Bandage


Was it Paul Hession who had to do that before? Someone stepped into his lane or something?


Did he not run into a camera or something?


I thought it might have been a camera man who stepped into his lane. Typical Galway man.


Ah, it was Paul Brizzell


Miller vs Felix tonight in the 400m. Hoping that cunt Miller doesn’t dive 5 meters out this time. Bowie done it the other night shouldn’t be allowed. Someone mentioned the two divers/ sprinters have the same coach.