Athletics Thread


Whst had he to say to that bint ?


He told her he had a sore tummy


A lot of state funding wasted over the past five years to win a dose of the scutters.


Probably has a sore tummy from dining out on coming 4th and not winning a medal last summer. A lot of money spent on another loser at major championships


Barr seems to have been under the impression that this was the equivalent of the O’Byrne Cup rather than the equivalent of the All Ireland Final. You get up and you drag yourself to the starting line and you compete. This is the world championships. That chap from Botswana showed what it meant to him.


Soft as fuck


If there was anything in Tommy he’d have went onto the track and then legged it off on the bend to scutter the shit out of himself in the tunnel like Sonia.


It’s a great gig though. Ponce around as a “full time athlete” then fold at the first sight of adversity.


The Botswana chap showed him up badly. Literally fighting as he was puking to get his chance while poor Tom was back in the hotel with his feet up on the couch watching East Enders.


The lad from Botswana has no doubt used athletics as his way out of poverty.


Fuck it, there’s handier ones out there I’d say. An athletes life outside of competition looks miserable.


Tom Barr merely used athletics as his way out of Waterford


He learned his trade jumping over shanty’s in the favelas of Waterford.


Tommy doesn’t give a flying fuck because he knows he has the *circuit ahead of him now regardless and an auld upset tummy will allow him milk the sympathy further as he sits there smiling like a cunt with a gold medal despite being famous for losing the only race he was ever half competitive in.

*Miriam/live at three/Ray darcy/ cook book/etc etc


What officially happened to Miller-Uibo last night in the 400 metres? She’s back out in the 200 now, bizarre.


She says she looked at screen and missed a stride. Lost balance. Strange one.

Watched it again after her interview. She looked wrecked with 80 to go. With 50 to go she starts to tread water. I reckon she just completely blew up


she pulled a ruby walsh on it


The big fucking eejit, Paddy Power seems to have given me a free bet to the value of the bet I placed on her for last nights race anyway, the big fucking eejit.


If you have ever seeded at officialdom of any kind you should get behind Makwala in a few minutes.


Good girl Kori! And nice tip by Johnson beforehand 9-1