Athletics Thread


Some brit falling all over the place here in the steeplechase :laughing:


The Saffer may not make the 200m final. He mustn’t like the rain


He makes it in as a fastest loser. Likely going in lane 2 in the final


Cc @Bandage
Few press ups at the end


Karsten Warholm wins the 400m hurdles for Norway.


He was obviously at home in the conditions. A believable performance as he was absolutely fucked after the race and took ages to get his breath back.


Denise Lewis would get it .


Wtf happened there?


Francis takes women’s 400m in a new PB
Favourite Miller Uibo was cruising to victory with 20m to go and did a Devon Loch - pullled a muscle

A fantastic championships full of drama throws up another underdog winner


Looked like a hamstring. Very poor run for Felix.


Karma for diving the last time


You’d think she’d be inconsolable


Do you smell a rat ?


Unshakeable Mental fortitude. She isn’t some IC GAA player crying after a qualifier defeat.


She didn’t even look in pain, utterly bizarre.


Smell a rat ??


Tom Barr must be seething he wasn’t in that 400 hurdles final in those conditions.

Instead the little known Warholm gets his 15 minutes of fame.


No, not at all. Just a very strange thing to see.


I don’t think Tom wanted it badly enough. Reckoned he couldn’t have done a time trial like Makwala and the final in the same day. Ffs it’s only 400 m


Maybe tommys time trial clashed with his interview with katherine Thomas on Radio One