Athletics Thread


Ewan MacKenna will be delighted.
Steve Cram will not take this well


Great teamwork from the three Ethiopians.


What was the fat british lad at


Did ya hear Cram talking about the Aussie telling his grandkids that he was 15 metres clear of “the great Sir Mo Farah” with 2 laps to go in the 5000 metres World final.

And did Farah win granddad?

Eh no


Enjoyed that


Been a disastrous championships for the Brits.


british somaliland not doing as well as expected either


Fuck sake there is a woman there hanging out over the railing for Mos autograph and she must be nearly one age with @Fagan_ODowd


Linford Christie paying homage to Sir Mo.


The Brits kind of wrote off athletics after Atlanta and Athens . They found sports that suited big boned Anglo Saxons and Celts and invested accordingly


Funny how BBC’s abhorrence for high profile proven drugs cheats doesn’t extend to the 1992 Olympic 100m champion


How is the men’s 1,500 shaping up? Didn’t see any of the heats:


Is Linford Christie working for the BBC?


Disappointing to see our lovely ladies Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake pushed down into joint fifth in the high jump by some Russian and a very attractive 19 year-old Ukranian.


He was in the crowd there anyway


Nah, he was in the crowd and embraced Farah. He was being spoken of with jolity though rather than any acknowledgement of his past


Kevin Myers has made amends for his sacking from the Sunday Times by winning the decathlon.


The lovely Yulia Levchenko

What’s happened to the conveyor belt of Javelin throwers from Finland?


Neither Steve Backley or Mick Hill in the top 9 in the javelin.


Nor even Terry McHugh