Athletics Thread


He went to winter games .


He was truly our polymath


Polyath (lete), surely?


Who has been the best Irish finisher so far?

Some lads on RTE Radio earlier were claiming that the stars are aligning for Robbie the racist to win gold tomorrow.


She levitated her way to silver.


I think Barr getting out of his heat is our only athlete to make progression


Will such a victory meet with approval of this forum ?


Him shitting himself again to lose a medal in the late stages would be ideal


The irony is that a comment that would be a guaranteed nice post on TFK has made poor old Rob a figure of hate here :rofl:
You couldn’t make it up.


Is Rob the Racist walking tomorrow?



Is Jimmy McDonald walking?


They will be singing the banks in London as well tomorrow when he wins gold. Fuck em all kid


Has Rob the racist failed yet?


You can’t fail if you haven’t first succeeded.


Great effort from Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the women’s 4x100 metres relay. Splendid silver.


Any of them girls for the O6.


The Beeb desperately trying to get the USA thrown out of the women’s 4X100m relay


When the judges are looking


Farah not applauding Edris at the medal ceremony.


Hope America win the men’s relay to annoy the BBC