Athletics Thread


Hard to say but the Lions have real competition .


I don’t give a fuck. Take a bow whatever 4 cunts from Britain won. 16 to fucking one!


Has there been a more disgusting post on TFK than this ?


" Held him off with ease " :smile:

Another 10 meters & the American catches him.


Disagree. Gatlin looked like he was going to take him but then as it went on the Brit looked comfortable. Great running


Yariba yariba. You can’t spell bottled it without Bolt.


Be graceful you beautiful betting bastard.


Gatlin ran the 2nd leg




That’s the greatest relay victory in Great British and Northern Irish athletics since Roger Black, Derek Redmond, John Regis and, memorably, Kriss Akabusi destroyed the Yanks in the 1991 World Championship 4x400 metres relay in Tokyo.


Sorry you are correct


Graceful? It’s never nice to win on Britain. It’s dirty money. But I’ll take it.


Did they or the England rugby team get BBC team of the year in 1991.


I don’t know and wouldn’t dream of looking it up on Wikipedia as that would be informational doping, but I imagine they shared the award.


Joint winners in 1991. Only time the team award has been shared.


Has Bolt been put down yet?


Sickening post


I believe the notable Republican Rob Heffernan who’s granda was in the RA is doing the fast walking tomorrow, has he any chance?


His Granda? Doubt it .


I’ll be putting some of my dirty money on him. Good luck to the filthy Cork racist.