Athletics Thread


Bolt shat himself again and faked injury.

Mo the Somali pirate bottled it as well, he must be on local second rate gear now.

Will Rob the racist medal?


He’ll feel right at home with all that bunting


Just looking at the walking race here, fuck me its a dumb fucking event. There us no sign at all of those weird little cheating Cark cunts Rob the Racist & Marion.
London looks absolutely stunning.


He was lapped by the leader about 45 minutes ago. :smile:


It’s a farce of a thing. Sure they are running. There’s only about 7 in the women’s final. Great hole on Heffernans wife


The women’s race leader is expected to beat the World Record by close to 4 minutes… :smile:


I knew I was seeing something special


A lot of Cork weirdos down here supporting the racist


I know shag-all about athletics. What did this Heffernan bloke do that everyone describes him as a racist?


He abused Romanians


Sure lookatit. You only have to hear this bollox open his mouth to see what a cork weirdo he is


During a race or in an interview?


2 1/2 minutes she knocked off her existing World Record time. :clap::clap::clap:


Whatever gimp of a way they have of running but they build up some arses on the women in this event


Remember that Roma kid with fair hair and blue eyes who was briefly taken away from her parents and into care a few years back because social services didn’t believe she was really theirs? Robbie the racist tweeted that the family were “dirty scumbags” and that all of them should be shipped out.


Is there a thread that could be bumped to gauge the TFK reaction?


I’m sure you can imagine


Farah no longer wants to be called Mo


Search for the Cork Weirdo thread


What do we call him now? Epo Farah?