Athletics Thread


Farah, all else aside, is a bit of a dick tbh.


Muslims run England… They’ll do as Mo tells them.


He’s sound. Had an awful time of it growing up. I ran against him last year in Newcastle. He bet me b 45 minutes in the half marathon


What time did he run?


In around an hour


145 isn’t bad.


It’s not even club standard


Club standard is high.


Endurance not speed is my scene.


Half marathon is a long way. You spend a long time trying to convince yourself it’s not, but it just is.


Its not really. I like them though. A nice test


I once underestimated one and had four pints the night before. It’s about the worst I’ve ever felt doing anything. Unseasonably hot day. Not much to drink on the route. My fingers swelled up so much by ten miles that I couldn’t ball my hands into a fist.
Purgatory. 15 years later I still remember it.


Sounds like a serious electrolyte imbalance. Absolutely nothing worse


Whatever it was, it was fucking awful.


Character building


Some great pretend stuff being posted on this thread in the last few hours


I wish.


“The Voice of Athletics”, Brendan Foster, bowed out by calling the men’s 1500 metres final a short time ago.

Manganoi of Kenya won.

I liked Brendan as I always got the impression he was the only person on successive BBC Athletics broadcasting teams who knew of the existence of Ireland.


That was atrocious coverage of the 4X400 by the Beeb


Eurosport is where it’s at lads. How many times do you have to be told?