Athletics Thread


Too many races for her.


She buried herself qualifying for semi. Gutsy performance. Wasted years doing shorter distances. Mageean terribly disappointing again. Looks like she is mentally shot. Sad to see.



Super article from Ewan


He is a poor man’s Kimmage


Two strong runs today from our female u18s. Healy looks like the real deal and well O’Sullivan has the pedigree


Patience Jumbo Gula had a great run today too.


She did. We may be about To enter a golden era for Irish athletics


For women’s running


Healy in particular looks very talented.


We’ll ride the immigrant tide to gold medals soon. Like these Belgians.


Gold for Rhasidat Adeleke in the Girls 200m final at the U18 Euros

The future is now, the future is new Ireland



How long before people are bemoaning the fact that no Caucasian people are getting to represent Ireland in athletics?


About 3 days I’d say


Adeleke is still only 15 :eek:


Where’s she from? Very posh accent on her. I thought she was from Louth but maybe that’s another teenage superstar



But went to Pres Terenure.


Silver for Sophie


Another loser in the family