Athletics Thread


he was bet out the gate at buckingham place


It’s hard to believe that an Irishman is one of the best in the world at something that almost everybody in the world does every single day, he could be our best ever really


Not the first time a Corkman humiliated himself in front of the Queen.


he was lapped twice


Mulhare came from a family of athletes, and had massive potential. Washed up in his mid 20’s, like so many Irish athletes. A damn shame. His highlight apart from this would have been Irelands Fittest fucking Family

A great article. O Lionaird looked to have it cracked with the Nike thing back in the day.


Jerry vindicated and rugby viscerated


What kind of weirdos were polled for this poll?


Don’t shoot the messenger pal.


So rugby is deemed more interesting than soccer. A good days work. Thanks for posting


No. More people find football very exciting than rugby.


No more people find football boring than rugby. Its right there


Jerry was right.


Jerry is a legend. Thanks for posting. Reinforces all my beliefs


Nice of Christy Kinehan to look after his alma mater


Is this Phil Healy from Bandon a real prospect?


On track at 8.46 pm.


Semis on BBC2 now,
Huge ask I presume? @TheUlteriorMotive


Which semi final is she in?


She is flying. Massive improvement. If she runs a PB and goes under 52 seconds she’ll be thereabouts.


3, only 2 to qualify, about ten minutes