Athletics Thread


Robbed for bronze in ladies 1500m final


Robbed? Me hole. Not good enough.


Ciara just walked out on Gillick mid interview. This is tough viewing. Let her go will ya.


Looks like she nearly fainted man.


Ah she was vomiting it seems


no you absolute retard
she got sick
get the right thread as well you fucking drama queen


Dont. Just dont.


The polack with the North African name got second. Poland doing untold in this championships.


I’m embarrassed for the two Cork retards here, she walked out to get sick. Grow up.


Great to see the McColgan name at be forefront of distance athletics. She’s no Liz though.


Shambolic, an athlete stopped at the bell thinking the race was over :eek:


The Israeli in second thought she was finished with one lap to go. Was second at the time finished fourth.


Madness never seen that happen


The auld Israelis are a gas crowd, silly bitch


Timely edit ffs


Jerry didnt spare her anyway


We have a racist troll


Forget about that running lark lads. We are gymnasts now


Yeah. Not to mention the classless insult he threw out a few minutes earlier. He must be pissed


Nothing worse for a poster than being ignored. It makes them do strange things.