Athletics Thread




In truth Irish athetics hasn’t been in as good a place in quite some Time.


All those black asses


Incredible finish from Asher Smith. Delighted to see the Dutch get a silver for the outstanding Daphne Schippers.


George modest as ever there referring to himself as a track and field aficionado.


That Pole Vault final was great entertainment.


The French fella seems a thoroughly alright sort


Jerry Kiernan is right. Our athletes push themselves over the limit. Interviewing an athlete in oxygen debt a few moments after a race is daft. The GAA lads are able to chat away barely out of breath and lads say they play hard.


Agreed, completely no need for Gillick to push that interview on there when it was obvious she wasn’t in a good place. He should have known that better than anyone.


Why does the British team always compete at athletics championships as Great Britain & Northern Ireland as opposed to the United Kingdom?


The BOA pointed out that it is the National Olympic Committee not just for Great Britain and Northern Ireland - but also for the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and UK Overseas Territories such as the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar. Although the UK is responsible for their defence and external affairs, they are not part of the UK


British sprinting has really found its juice again it seems.


Will the new track in UL be state of the art (whatever that means now)


Sonia leaving the boot in there a bit


Its blue anyway


Is it down now? There was an awful lot of underground work being done on it a couple of weeks ago, looked like a huge job with no expense spared




That is the worst attempted wum I’ve seen in a while, in a forum full of bad wums


That looks class. :clap: Sporting Limerick