Attacks on Urban Ireland

Christopher O’Sullivan TD has asked for our democracy to be changed so that representation is based on geographical area ahead of population size

‘We want a future in rural Ireland’: Macra farmers walk 79km to Dáil in protest – The Irish Times

Does giving townies the vote really make sense? Most of them are pure stone useless


Urbanites mate

I believe townie is a phrase used by muldoons to categorize themselves

They’d starve without us.It’d be like something out of the walking dead.

Have you not walked down O’Connell St?


Does it matter, Sinn Féin will log a vote for them anyway. Everyone in the graveyard votes the same.

Fingal feeds Ireland mate. rural Oireland makes protein shakes for persia



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What did Holly Cairns ever see in this fella?

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Road frontage ?

Urban Ireland and its political representatives have spent the last 100 years shitting on rural dwellers. The cunts won’t even let us build on our own land. They won’t be satisfied until everyone is living in a town.

But us country bumpkins are finally getting our act together. The possibilities of the proposed Rural Alliance party are exciting. No longer will Ireland end at the M50. We will hold the balance of power and have our equity.


yes, we need more muldoons such as Brian Cowen & John Bruton in charge

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No. We need rural candidates whose sole vested interests is the welfare of rural Ireland. And makes no apology for it.

Fuck the townies.


didnt realize Rural Ireland was so uniform in its views.

Im from an urban area, we have a mixture of views here mate,

are you telling me that everyone in rural Oireland wants to kill he planet so 18000 dairy farmers can do ok?

or are you just a dunce that is easily won over by a few populist soundbites ?

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Nope, need more townies like Bertie.


the argument being put forward that the state was run for the last 100 years by people favoring Dublin. I just pointed out that 2 muldoons were two of the worst leaders we ever had & we now have rural TDs calling for an end of 1 person one vote.

I think you may be onto something there.

rural Oireland will stick it up to those Dubs mate - thats won him over