I’ll be in Australia around Christmas tis year. We’ve been in Sydney before and will go there for New year’s but want to get out and see something good between the 1st and leaving Oz on the 9th. Suggestions please.

East Cost of Oz then yeah? Much time to do stuff? Queensland would be the best place really for a couple of days touring, whether it be up north of Cairns and the cape, or else a dive on the Barrier reef, or an island hop around the whistsundays. can get flights to Brisbane/Gold Coast/Cairns cheap enough with Jet Star and Virgin blue. NCC would probably tell you more about there. Dont go to Canberra whatever you do.

Go to Bondi and get fooking pissed off your head and get in a fight with some Lebos maaayte.


The true Australian experience

:rolleyes: lebos wouldnt be too plentiful in bondi.

its just the thick paddies that do be bating each other in bondi


Bondi is full of lebos you tool.

Fly to Cairns or Brisbane and spend a few days in Queensland anyway as Gman has said.

Head to either Cheers Bar on George St or the RSA next door if you wanna take on the Lebos.

Failing that Magnetic Island is class and I’d recommend Fraser Island as well.

Got about 7 days. Want to pack in as much good shit as possible. How long do I need for the Whit Sundays? Or for the Cairns option? Can I do both?

Also, where do Lebos rate on the Pikey/junkie/limerick scale?

They got a whole new scale of their own.
Absolute scum.

You can do different packages around the whitsundays, one day cruises, or 2 and 3 night ones, depends what you’re into really. I went on a 2 night/3 day one. It was a good laugh, stopped off on a couple of islands and did a couple of scuba dives from the boat. Very enjoyable.

id agree with that- do a cruise of the whitsundays but id go for a more expensive one to make sure your not stuck with annoying backpackers-see can you fly there. Fraser would be worth seeing as well if you had the time

head to brisvegas for new years- it will be fairly lively

other option would be to fly to uluru for a few days you might be able to fit that in with something else

wouldnt bother going to cairns- its fairly shit & there are better places to see the reef-

drinks wise bundy & coke is the only option

just cos you bumped into them on the door of the tea gardens every weekend for the year you were here doesnt mean the area is full of them
but sure you know best… :rolleyes:

moreton island is a nice spot, i wouldnt be rushing back to melbourne, brizzy is a lovely city. to be fair a weekend in sydney is enough

uluru and botany bay are my next stops

botany bay is in sydney isnt it-its just a shitty industrial bay now

He probably thinks because of the song its some wonderful scenic romantic bay. :rolleyes:
Of course when he was in Ireland, those type of places were on his doorstep, i doubt he ever ventured though.


yeah its manky

byron bay is what i should have said

Australia V England 5th Ashes test Jan3-7th Be there

Can’t find a better thread, what are Quantas like to fly with?

fairly average

ethiad all the way mate- take 2 days in dubai on the way

flying ethiad means you avoid london & waiting unnecessary in heathrow

Cheers TASE. Looking at them alright, if i’m going to spend the spondoolies then i’ll go Ethiad. But at the moment there is 400 of a difference in the prices, alot of money on a flight.

I’d be generally more into flying cheap and using the money on the ground.

stay at home.

if you must come then go with ethiad. qantas have had some safety issues of late